How to test an ad

3 quick and easy steps are all that is required

1. Tell us a few quick details about your ad and media plans

  • Ad name
  • Brand name (or Advertiser)
  • Category
  • Stage of development
  • Media spend
  • Media type, placements and length (if applicable)
  • Attach stimulus

2. Select the level of insight you require and customise your sample

  • Sample name
  • Level of insight (Evaluate, Diagnose or Optimise)
  • Sample size (35 to 200)
  • Consultancy (Yes/No)
  • Customise Age, Gender and Location
  • Add 2 x custom Recruitment Questions (Yes/No)
  • Add 1 x custom Occupation Exclusion
  • Add 5 x custom Key Messages (if Diagnose or Optimise)

3. Confirm your order, check-out and pay!

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