Our solutions in detail

Key metrics (each option builds incrementally)


  • Media (in-market ads): Awareness (Reach), Frequency & Wearout
  • Summary metrics: Sensecheck Rating, Captivating & Compelling
  • Captivating (diagnosis): Attention, Interest, Likeability & Branding
  • Compelling (diagnosis): Feeling, Difference, Persuasion & Virality


  • Brand Impressions: 5 x customised statements
  • Rational diagnosis: New, Informative, Different, Believable, Relevant & Clarity
  • Open-ended diagnosis: Likes, Dislikes & Brand Associations


  • Emotion diagnosis: Type and intensity of emotions felt (20 dimensions)
  • Open-ended diagnosis: Brand Impressions, Standout, Playback & Brand Assets
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