Pricing explained

Why are we able to offer unparalleled cost efficiencies and speed?

1. Our self-service solutions are fully automated

We automate the entire research process from brief to report delivery, so you're not paying costly fees for questionnaire development, survey generation, project management, data processing and analysis/interpretation (if it's not required).

2. Our sampling approach gives us a competitive advantage

Unlike our competitors, we screen all respondents completing a Sensecheck survey through a single gateway. This offers us tremendous flexibility and efficiency in how we allocate and manage the ad surveys available for respondents to complete.

3. We only measure the metrics that matter

We recognise that you don't need to ask an endless number of questions to know whether or not an ad is working, so the surveys we administer are short and compact. And we let you choose what level of insight you require, so you're not paying for unnecessary extras that you don't need (or want!).

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