Quality control

We are committed to delivering the highest quality data

Being researchers first and foremost means that we take data integrity extremely seriously. We have put in place a number of processes and initiatives in order to make sure you can have complete confidence in the data we provide.

  • By its very nature, automation means we’re able to eliminate almost all human involvement, which is the most common cause of errors when working with traditional market research providers
  • We partner with one of Australia’s largest, and most reputable sample providers. They have strict quality controls, comply with AMSRS and AMSRO guidelines, and are ISO accredited
  • Our question framework is completely standardised, which means the types of questions we ask, and the order and way in which we ask them, is always the same. Subsequently, the level of rigour and robustness behind our normative database is unparalleled
  • Our survey platform is device agnostic, meaning the survey experience is the same across PC, laptop, tablet and mobile. While this helps us reach difficult audiences in a timely and cost-effective manner, more importantly it ensures the data we collect across different devices is consistent
  • The surveys we administer are short and compact, having been designed with the respondent experience in mind. This helps to maintain engagement and subsequently ensures quality responses are provided
  • Respondents are in complete control of the survey experience, having the ability to manage the number of surveys they participate in. This avoids respondent fatigue which frequently occurs with longer surveys, and subsequently maintains the quality of responses provided
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